covid-19 re-opening policy

The Exercise Club re-opening policy, 14.5.2020.

Phase two of “our plan to rebuild”, published on 11.5.20, talks of opening non- essential retail.
It does not specifically outlaw “gyms” but states;
“All other sectors that are currently closed, including hospitality and personal care, are not able to re-open at this point because the risk of transmission in these environments is higher”

-I think the Exercise club qualifies as “personal care”… (they mean things like hairdressing and beauty therapy etc). But people here could easily get too close to each other …
-I think we also qualify as a non- essential business that can open “where it is safe to do so, and subject to those retailers being able to follow the new civid-19 secure guidelines”

Our policy.

-you all understand social distancing by now. We’ve all been to post a letter, buy a pint of milk… we could ask you all to follow a one way system… but… the government says we are “very unlikely to pass on the infection by walking past one another in opposite directions”. I agree. We are most likely to pass the infection if we stand opposite one another, talking. So if we meet we should both “face in the same direction”. The machines are quite heavy. It won’t be possible for the all to be turned to face in the same direction.
I will put some 2m stickers, or some pink tape down for guidance on what 2 metres is, but not everywhere.
A one way system would mean many of you will receive sub-optimal workouts ( I.e. workout orders that aren’t in your best interests, and I do not like that)
The only point of opening is that you can have a workout you can’t do at home, so the goal of this project is to make it the best workout you can have, regarding the circumstances.




– After a full risk assessment, we see these issues.
(I expect you take all of these with the upmost seriousness)((Apart from, maybe, a couple of them))

1) The entrance.
Handles. Luckily it’s almost summer. Both doors can be left open. Try not to touch the door handle. Tell us if you have so we can clean it.

2) Toilets/wet rooms/changing rooms
Apart from the downstairs loo, these are closed.

3) Too many members in at once to maintain distancing.
Maximum 4 members at a time. Bookable slots of 45 minutes. Drop in’s a possibility depending on the situation at the time. If we can accommodate you we will.

4) “Rushing”
Allow 45 minutes for your workout. Do not hassle the instructors to hurry up your workout by jumping into the lines. We will make you follow your workout order on your card. We have to. No exceptions. If you don’t have time, come back another time.
If any of you get a parking ticket because of this,
(Allegedly the wardens aren’t operating…let’s see) I will get it rescinded or pay it myself.

5) Do not set up your own machines
If you touch the weight pin, we have to stop, and sanitise it before we can continue. Wait for your instructor. We want to keep if flowing for all. If your machine is wrong, don’t mess with it. Tell us. I want only one human touching the pins during a session please.

6) Heavy breathing (Which we absolutely encourage you to do. If we’re going to offer workouts, you need to do them properly or there’s no point) on a machine opposite some- one else. This potentially transmits more of the virus further.
– We can prevent this in a way almost no other gym can do. Because we can see, from your workout card, who is going where, next. You may need to wait, so we can maintain social distancing, or for us to clean after the previous person.



o 6) PPE can all of you please attend the gym only with a large cardboard rectangle, fixed around your head. It will be difficult, initially, for us to know how to communicate with you without this. If you wish to speak also, we will provide you with a brightly coloured marker pen, so you can colour in your box quickly.
o 6b) PPE wash your hands, (physically in the sink – gel not good enough) on entry, before touching the machines. Alternatively wear single use disposable gloves. No exceptions.
o 6c) PPE if you wish to wear a face mask, please do. The science on their effectiveness is questionable, so I’m not going to ask all of your to wear one. Please respect those that choose to wear one, and those who choose not to.



o 7) coats/ belongings
– Please only bring coats and bags if you absolutely have to. Your mobile phone is best left at home if you can. If you cannot, have some way of carrying it around with you o you feel it is safe. The coat rack will not be available. The valuables cupboard is closed. Dogs may well be permitted, by prior arrangement.
8) More than one person at once
-There’s a fair number of you who always turn up to the gym with your spouse, daughter, Dad, Dog, dandelion and burdock… this is ok by us.
– we just need to know in advance , so we know how many others we can accept at that time… we will be as accommodating as always, but the situation demands we plan a bit more.

9) Seatbelts/ handles
After a dry run tonight (20.5.20) with the amazing tony and les, it became obvious that seatbelts, and handles like the release lever in the lumbar are an issue. Please put on your own seatbelts, use your own handles to operate the machines. We will clean down after each use.

10) Workout cards
We all like recording our numbers. Because the cards are kept all together, we can’t all be, right now, touching the cards. Your instructor will use the card to set up your machines. You cannot have you’re card to write down your numbers at this time. Please remember this won’t be forever. There’s lots of other ways we can know if your weights are heavy enough. We will help you.


11) Hydration
Please bring your own water/vodka/lemonade with you. The water machine is turned off and drained.

12) Booking
To book a time, call me on 07587552653, or email
We will begin with a maximum of three workouts a week each, and see what happens. Some of you will probably want more, some less. I need to play it by ear a little bit. If there’s spaces spare I will tell you the day before.