The Pilates classes at the Exercise Club in Clifton, Bristol have already gained a dedicated following. Pilates classes take place four times a week,

Mondays 14.00-15.00 and Thursdays 10.30-11.30 with Charlotte from The Body Workshop Pilates, and

Total mind and body workout on Tuesdays 09.30-10.30 and Wednesdays 13.05-13.55 with Jane Alkerstone

All classes are open to The Exercise Club Clifton members and non-members.

Pilates at The Exercise Club Clifton Bristol








Pilates classes are 55 minutes long and will take your body through all possible directions and range of movement and motion, therefore creating mobility, flexibility, tone and appropriate core strength. When standing at the end of class the immediate effects can be felt, as a well balanced Pilates class will bring your body in a more optimal posture. This will happen subconsciously so your body takes it away and functions more efficiently than before your class. Classes are for those who are injury free and has a maximum of 11 participants. If you are recovering from an injury then please contact us before booking so that we can guide you into the most helpful and appropriate Pilates session for your needs.


Pilates at The Exercise Club Clifton, Bristol

For more information about our Bristol Pilates classes, simply call either

Body Workshop Mondays and Thursdays)

Charlotte on 07786 599 928, come along to the next class to register or email charlotte@thebodyworkshoppilates.com.

Or for Total body and mind Pilates ( Tuesdays and wednesdays)  either drop in or contact

Jane on 07791133295 or Jalkerstone@gmail.com

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