PRO Flex (Postural Restoration & Optimal Flexibility)

Stretch and Poise exercise class Bristol

Join the PRO Flex class for a different approach to flexibility & Posture.

Postural Restoration & Optimal Flexibility

Complement your workouts or simply your day. By tuning your body & mind with a quality full body work.

Three of the points, making this PRO Flex class different than others:

  • Achievable stretches for everyone to practice
  • Feel & fully obtain the effect of stretches
  • Orientated to give a better good posture
  • & a better performance

Relaxing your muscles one by one, engages a better control on each of them. Learn to tweak your breathing. During the session, you will find how each stretch works best for you & your joints. The end result: Having relieved tension in every muscle. You will benefit from a greater feeling of relaxation, with greater mobility. PRO Flex enhances your well-being! What the mind conceives, it can achieve!

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The group session is suitable for:

– active people [ideal after a workout]

– inactive people

– older adults & children

– people seeking a greater and balanced flexibility

– injury rehabilitation

–Pre & Post natal [please contact the instructor prior to the class, Neil: 0781 7856 721]

Stretching tutorial:

– Learn how to stretch safely and efficiently

 – Improve your balance

– Add variety to your routine with new stretches. The class content will vary, so you can experience different stretches & variations too!

If PRO Flex Classes isn’t for you. Check out our wide range of other gym classes . Find the right class for you at Bristol’s friendliest gym!

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