Tai Chi

Tai Chi promotes tranquillity of mind and harmony of motion, The Exercise Club has Tai Chi classes every week here in Clifton, Bristol. If you haven’t tried it, come along and give it a go. No previous experience is necessary and our course leader, Alex, will be happy to get you started at his class every other Sunday.

Tai Chi is a path to releasing the unhelpful patterns which shape the way we perceive and act within the world. It is a way of returning to our centre, of living more sincerely with a peaceful heart. Tai Chi is a practice which enriches us by bringing awareness and freshness to each moment, and it can do much to enrich this world.

About  Alex, the Tai Chi teacher

Alex has worked at The Exercise Club, Clifton gym as an instructor since 2003. His interest in Tai Chi dates back many years culminating in the decision to take a class which began in 2012. He has an amazing awareness of the body which shows in his teachings

Alex Tai Chi clifton bristol

Alex Tai Chi , Clifton, Bristol

Weekly Tai Chi Classses at The Exercise Club Clifton, Bristol

  • Every second Sunday at 9.30am

Next Tai Chi Classes

  • 1st November
  • 15th November
  • 29th November
  • 13th December

£90 for twelve tickets – use as you like (so you don’t lose out if you miss a Tai Chi classes)