A Message from Ross Campbell, Owner of The Exercise Club

Ross Campbell, Owner.
The Exercise Club



an update.

the online classes have been going well…. thank you so much to those who’ve attended and /or contributed to them..xx

Unless we are told otherwise, on 1st of June we will start to re-open, which will be booked slots only, maximum four people at a time from 7.30 through till 12.30.


members, you should all have received an email. with the finer points, the exercise cljubs policy on re-opening can be found here 

so, you want to, go ahead and book!


virtual workouts will continue as per the schedule below, for now. I might tweak the schedule slightly from 1st june depending on staffing.








12.00-12.30- gym workout
13.03-13.30- Short circuit


10.45- 11.15- PYP
11.30-12.00- FICSIT


                                                  10.00- 10.30 Gym workout


                                                     09.00-09.30 gym workout
                                                   10.00-10.30 short circuit


                                                      10.15-10.45- PYP
                                                    11.45-12.15- gym workout
                                                    12.30-13.00- FICSIT


Gym workouts, like any gym workout.. vary depending who “shows” up. I’ve been trying to mimic the gym machines exercises as good as possible, using cans of vegetables and broomsticks…

Short circuit is core strength, stretching and light aeerobic exercise,, suitale for all

PYP ( pedal yourself pink)  is usually on the pink bikes, upstairs. we’ve kept to the five forty five second intervals, but without the bikes…

FICSIT is balance, co-ordination and brain training. Directed at over 60’s.


I have been warned of people’ hijacking zoom meetings…

One of the obvious drawbacks of this online workout malarchy is that it would be difficult for me to squish disruptive people between the rollers of my pasta machine. As such, for my own mental health, i have not published the zoom link on here..

.you should all be on the email loop. If not, please send me your email, or message me 07587552653 for the link..



, “see” you soon