A Message from Ross Campbell, Owner of The Exercise Club

Ross Campbell, Owner.
The Exercise Club

Its wonderful to be back with everyone again, and  inspiring working every day with people trying to improve their health.

Its all still a bit uncertain. What we do know is that your chances of fighting off any illnes, including covid-19, are greatly enhanced if you are fit and strong.

Training makes antibodies. Training is where we overload the body.

We know that not everyone can walk fast enough, or cycle well, or swim, to  overload, which is where strength training comes in. This is what we’re best at. Even if you have a bad back/sore knee, with proper weight training we can still train hard, get strong, make antibodies, better pposture, less knee pain etc etc..

DO come try it. Our free week is genuinely free. Its not one of those catch type things where it activates if you dont cancel properly.  I want all our members to want to be here, and would hate the thought of anyonwe feeling tricked or duped into it.