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A message from Ross Campbell, Owner of The Exercise Club, Bristol


free Virtual classes in tandem with the support hub.!!!


At the present time we are only accepting a limited number of new members. Covid restrictions limit how many people can be in here at any time, and we are basically full. If youre interested , please email me first…


We offer you a supportive, but not intrusive, approach to training.

We also support rehabilitation and treatment of injuries, working with your physio or chiropractor/osteopath to help you get better.


If youre here on this page because you clicked on the link of the facebook ad, heres whats happening. At stage 2, we’ve got to open for just the members who supported us the whole time, to make sure theres enough room for them all.Once we’ve done that, we can open up to some new members from stage 3. hope that makes sense. do get in touch if you want to know anything more….


most of the in- person classes are not happening at the minute, a number of them can be acessed on zoom, do get in touch with us to find out…




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