Come on Board at The Exercise Club!

The Exercise Club’s contribution to the city wide Come on Board! project is a class we call FICSIT. Find the class timetable regarding FICSIT here.

It’s basically strength and conditioning for older adults. We offer a variety of balance, co-ordination, memory, stretching, strength work, lifting and carrying (like how to move a heavy pot plant, for example) Click here for FICSIT class prices.

In simple terms, balance appears to deteriorate as one or the other of the lower limbs stops working properly. The brain learns to compensate and so begins a cycle where the brain can’t hear/feel what the ankle/foot/knee/hip is doing, so it keeps moving in unhelpful ways.

A simple test, which we do at the beginning of the class, allows us to work out which leg is misbehaving and to develop exercises to help. Contact us to hear more about the FICSIT class.

If Come on Board isn’t for you, check out our wide range of other gym classes and find the right class for you at Bristol’s friendliest gym!