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The team here deserve a medal- for keeping everyone’s spirits and fitness levels up since the start of Covid; whilst remembering every member by name.

Scyld Berry

“What I like about this place is they (the staff) never sit around behind the
desk drinking coffee and looking pretty. They actually help you do the exercises properly.”

Anna Fowler

“I’m moving to Denmark next week, and I just wanted to say well
done and thank you to everyone at the exercise club. You guys
make my workouts really fun and challenging, as well as being really
friendly and making it such a nice place to train. I’ll miss you.”

Keith Turrell

“To all the fantastic staff at the exercise club,

Joining this club in December has been life changing for me and it is due
mainly to the support and encouragement that you all offer. I can put in all
the hard work but the reason I come back again and again is for the great
warm welcome that always greets me. So, thank you from the
bottom of my heart and the heart of my (much smaller!)

Anna Reeves

“There are no mirrors, no posers, and no loud music. That’s what I like best. The staff are friendly and attentive. Beats any other gym I’ve been to by a mile.”

Richard Nuell

“I love my food and always struggled to maintain my weight through my twenties. I’ve tried weight watchers, scary Ukrainian personal trainers, swanky gyms, slim fast, spinning classes (etc etc), but no luck. At the exercise club I found the answer. This type of exercise is perfect for me as I can lose fat from the areas I want, through a combination of short, hard workouts and small nutritional changes.
I didn’t get fast results but I didn’t want them, either.
I wanted to get my shape back and keep it. I can’t promote it enough, it really works!”

Prue Donnelly

“Nine months ago I arrived at the exercise club with high blood pressure and diabetes. I needed to lose three inches from my wait and I hadn’t eaten regularly in years.

Now, I’ve lost a stone and have normal blood pressure and sugar levels. I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks every day. I eat fruit and veg (willingly!)and managed to fit in the gym twice every week. Your support and advice has made this possible. THANK YOU!”

Carol Goldsmith

“I joined the Exercise Club, aged 60, having never joined a gym before. It’s been a transformative experience. 7 years on, I feel fitter than ever before. 5 mile walks in the country feel like a stroll in the park. Going the Exercise Club is always a pleasure, with its friendly staff and customers. I can’t recommend it strongly enough.”

Oliver Bennett, Redland.

“Recently moved to Bristol, we joined the Exercise Club and it’s been our very best decision. Wonderful, welcoming gym, fantastic instruction and the friendliest people! Thanks to all for making our move such a happy one!”

Jane Riley & Matt

“Friendly staff who tailor your workout to your needs and are always on hand to help. Ross is really good at finding ways to help strengthen and heal after injuries. No fuss, no time wasting. I also value the involvement of the Exercise Club in many local community initiatives.”

Janice Callow

“Excellent personal attention and optimised coaching ensuring the best results tailored to our personal needs.”

Mike Abahams

“Great little club, has good range of equipment and an amazing studio upstairs which is fully equipped. Staff very friendly and helpful.”

Charlie McGibney


“Love this gym. Feel comfortable with the help”.


“I am delighted with this gym and the support from experienced instructors and their holistic approach.”