Aikido Class in Clifton, Bristol

Aikido Class Bristol

Aikido Class Bristol

The Exercise Club Clifton on Whiteladies Road, Bristol now hosts an Aikido class twice a week.  Aikido classes teach Aikido to people of all levels, from those wanting to know more, beginners and experts.

Aikido is the Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba (often referred to by the title ‘O Sensei‘ or ‘Great Teacher‘). On a purely physical level it is an art involving some throws and joint locks that are derived from Jujitsu and some throws and other techniques derived from Kenjutsu.

Aikido focuses not on punching or kicking opponents, but rather on using their own energy to gain control of them or to throw them away from you. It is not a static art, but places great emphasis on motion and the dynamics of movement and you can try an Aikido Class here in Bristol at The Exercise Club.

The principle of Aikido is of conservation of energy and controlling an opponent through up ending their body’s axis and making them revolve around yours. By achieving this, dynamic movement is created as the opponent is pinned to the ground or thrown accordingly.

Aikido: Self Defence for Bristol people at The Exercise Club

The nature of this principle makes Aikido an effective art that was created to combat either a singular or multiple attacks from aggressor(s) who may or may not be armed. Although Clifton and most parts of Bristol are considered safe, the art of self-defence and an awareness of how to defend yourself is something many people are keen to achieve.

If you would like to learn new skills, feel better about your self-defence ability and security, why not come down and try out an Aikido Class here in Bristol at The Exercise Club, Clifton?

Check out this Aikido demonstration for more about the benefits of joining the Aikido class in Bristol:

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