Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at The Exercise Club

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at The Exercise Club?

BJJ is a grappling style martial art that grew out of judo. It emphasises fighting on the ground, specifically how to reach a controlling position, then finishing with a choke or joint lock (there are no strikes). Sparring is a major part of training, and ranking is normally based on performance.

This also means that competitions are a central part of BJJ, with some schools taking into account competitive success when grading students. However, it is certainly not compulsory: many people choose not to compete.

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Here are three great benefits of BJJ:

  1. Brazilian jiu jitsu is a hugely enjoyable combination of a mental and physical challenge. There’s enough depth to last a lifetime. So, if you’ve had trouble motivating yourself to get fitter in the past, BJJ could be the long-term answer you’ve been waiting for!
  2. Unlike many other martial arts, BJJ can be practiced safely at full speed. That means you can be confident that what you’re learning is effective. Similarly, BJJ is a merit-based martial art. Therefore if you are promoted to a new rank, you can be sure you truly earned it.
  3. Last but not least, if you’re looking to connect with others, then the laid-back and sociable atmosphere of BJJ will be right up your street. The BJJ community is an amazing social network that extends around the globe. With BJJ, you’ll have friends wherever you go.

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