F.I.C.S.I.T (Frailty and Injuries Co-operative Studies and Intervention Techniques) at The Exercise Club!

This is a class that we have designed at The Exercise Club, with the help and engagement of our clients, to address a very common problem.

We know we can get our 60, 70, 80 or 90 year old clients much, much stronger; improve walking speed and stability and make significant positive changes to their posture.

Over time, life leads our bodies to start remembering movement patterns, that perhaps don’t suit us that well. By teaching correct weightlifting technique and observing how your body responds, we can intervene and learn a better way to lift and carry, preventing injury.

The class is free to members and is available to non-members.

If F.I.C.S.I.T. isn’t for you, check out our wide range of gym classes and find the right class for you at Bristol’s friendliest gym!

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