Pedal yourself Pink – Group Cycling

Pedal yourself Pink (PYP)

Group cycling classes with a  difference on recycled bicycles, without the loud music, yelling and lycra!

This class is for people who want to gain aerobic fitness, but maybe can’t or don’t want to just go out and run, or ride a bike.

We achieve gains in aerobic fitness in a 30 minute class which includes five 45 second work intervals (the hard bit..!) with between 1.30-2 minutes rest. The work intervals will be unique to yourself and be tailored to you, which will vary each visit.

Interval training is known to burn more calories….as opposed to long, slow endurance exercise. It also maximises the benefits of cardiovascular exercise including decreasing your risk of both heart disease and high blood pressure.

It’s quite good fun, too!

If Pedal Yourself Pink isn’t for you, check out our wide range of other gym classes and find the right class for you at Bristol’s friendliest gym!

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